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Aurel Biolife is a budding pharmaceutical company offering wide portfolio of leading molecules for management of medical conditions in the field of major therapeutic areas. At Aurel Biolife, we continuously strive to identify significant therapy gaps by working hand in hand with health care professionals and patient advocates. Our patient focused innovative efforts may help bring new therapeutic alternatives as bridges for these therapeutic gaps.

We are fortifying our presence with varied therapeutic segment wise products that are listed in medical journals like CIMS, Drugs Today & IDR etc. Our formulations, world class packaging & design are aesthetic as well as novel.

We at Aurel Biolife, aspires to lead the diverse market of pharmaceutical industry with an unmatched reputation on the benchmark of quality, innovation, social responsibility & consistency. Our commitment to quality is our core strength. Quality of the product is assured throughout the production process with stringent quality control and quality assurance system.

Aurel Biolife strongly deems that “When the determination to succeed is strong, the power to lead becomes more firm with every step”.


Aurel Biolife

SPO : B-1702, Imperial Heights, Oshiwara, Goregaon(W) Mumbai-400104

Product List

Name                                                                          Form
VELRISA ANTI AGING 30GM CREAM                              CREAM
ADVAFOL D CAP                                                          CAPSULE
AUREL ACTIVE CAP                                                      CAPSULE
AUREL SLIM TAB                                                          TABLET
AURHAIR TAB                                                               TABLET
AURHAIR LOTION                                                          LOTION
AURICOF DX SYP                                                           SYRUP
AURICOF X 100ML SYP                                                   SYRUP
AUZIDOB 500MG TAB                                                     TABLET
RENSA 75GM SOAP                                                         SOAP
RENSA 100ML FACE WASH                                       FACE WASH
RESVOGLO H TAB                                                          TABLET
RESVOGLO CAP                                                             CAPSULE
SERMON GOLD CAP                                                       CAPSULE
SERMON 200GM POWDER                                              POWDER
PERATO GEL                                                                   GEL
PERATO AD GEL                                                              GEL
PERATO 10MG CAP                                                        CAPSULE
PERATO 20MG CAP                                                        CAPSULE
SKINJOY GL TAB                                                            TABLET
PODACT 200MG TAB                                                       TABLET
UTEASE TAB                                                                   TABLET
UVEDGE SPF 30 SUNSCREEN GEL                                       GEL
UVEDGE SPF 50 SUNSCREEN GEL                                       GEL

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