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Dey’s Medical Stores (Manufacturing) Limited, popularly known as Dey’s is today a well-reputed industrial undertaking of the country having factories in West Bengal engaged in the manufacture of essential and life-saving drugs for marketing and supply throughout the country as well as abroad.

Dey’s actively started working as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company in 1986. Since its inception Dey’s aspires to be customer-centric and a leader in the Indian markets. Social commitment has priority since our inception which motivated us to come forward with an endeavour to manufacture antibiotics and compete with the multinationals.

Today, we have 900 employees and Our vast network includes 3 C&F & 1550 stockists. We offer a wide range of products from growing therapeutic segments like Ophthalmic, Antibiotic, Gastrointestinal, Antidiabetic, Herbal preparation across the nation.

We take great pride in the success of our legendary brands like I-Tone, Milk of Magnesia, MOM Plus.


  • Committed towards a healthier and happier world to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.
  • To become a company with a high growth in our present segments of business and make our presence stronger than ever.
  • To deliver excellence with best quality standards through innovation using cutting-edge technology.
  • To strengthen and foster in the employees, strong emotive feelings of oneness with the company through commitment to their future.


We shall strive tostrengthen our ethical formulation division with special focus selected on specialty products & pursue an agenda to rekindle the activities of using the indigenous knowledge of the ancient text of Ayurvedato enhance the quality of life.

Core Values

  • Excellence & Quality : To pursue pharmaceutical innovation, provide high-quality products & strive to deliver superior business results.
  • Integrity : Manage businesses by imbibing best integral practices of governance and Ethics.
  • Customer Focus : Seek to understand customer needs and focus on Customer Satisfaction.
  • Respect for People : Maintain an environment built on mutual respect, openness, and individual integrity for people includes customers, employees, shareholders, partners,and communities.


Dey’s Medical Stores Limited
6/D, Nelly Sengupta Sarani (Formerly Lindsay Street) ,
Kolkata – 700 087

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