We have introducing ourselves as a leading fortnightly news magazine of pharma world and health care, published from Rohtak (Haryana) printed at Noida (U.P.). We are having circulation of more than 40,000 copies per issue and have a base in mostly all over India. In Northern and South India, our customers are every wholesalers, chemists shop, manufacturing units, doctors, raw material and Pharma machinery suppliers.

We are sure that you will find our rates most responsible, this proposal is specially designed for your esteemed organization and will give us a chance to serve you. We assure you that with your and our co-operation your business will get boost.

Hoping for a quick and favorable response

We are giving below our advertisement rates for publishing in our news magazines –
Position Offered (Size) Tariff Rates Pages
Full page (48.7cm X 33.3cm) Rs. 81085/- Front Page Rs. 150/- Per Sq. Cm Last Page Rs. 100/- Per Sq Cm Any Inside Page Rs. 50/- Per Sq. Cm
Half page (24.4cm X 33.3cm) Rs. 40626/-
Quarter page (24.4cm X 16.5cm) Rs. 20130/-
12X18 cm Rs. 10800/-
12cm X 12cm Rs. 7200/-
Visiting Card (8cm X 6cm) Rs. 2400/-

Price list for Advertisement on MedicareNews.in website

Ad Location Random Price/Month Fix Ad Price/Month Detailed Position of Ad Visibility Min. Months
Top 728×90 1500 7500 Next to Logo Full Website 2
Side 375×225 1000 5000 Next to Featured News Slider Only Home 6
160×600 500 2500 Below Featured News Slider, Next to Jobs Home 6
728×90 750 4000 Above Top 10 News Home 3
335×280 1500 8000 Side Panel Full Website 3
Footer 728×90 1000 5000 Footer of Website/News/ Every Section Full Website 3