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AYURSIDDHA INC. emphasis you to find your way home to a joyful, healthy, whole, abundant and real you. Working on the principles of ayurveda Healthy mind is seen only in a healthy body. Mental aberrations can lead to ill health and vice versa. According to Ayurvedic Theory, no one can cure mental diseases permanently but reassurances, consolation and dietic treatment with the aid of drugs which have got soothing effect and which will restore the mental equilibrium will help in correcting the condition. Ayurveda is not merely a collection of effective drugs, herbs and remedies, but is essentially knowledge of the art and science of living which man will need as long as there is life on this earth.
Ayursiddha Inc is working hard to provide best you need to keep the health of your body, mind and soul in balance. The organization works on the solid foundation of the very latest technology and the best processing and testing equipments, supported by a team of highly qualified and well-trained personnel.
We at Ayursiddha Inc procure our herbs from several licensed established units with a good track record to ensure quality products. We have ties with manufacturers who provide the best of the best and are aware of the standards of an “International market”.
Today our products are being endorsed by the health care professional and used through out the world with great confidence. Our products are available in USA, Mexico, UK , Russia, France, Canada , Malaysia, New Zealand etc.
Ayursiddha Inc is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced people. A wide exposure and deep understanding of the industry gives us insight into the needs of the changing market… our mantra of staying ahead. The organization believes in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship management, hiqh quality and on-schedule delivery of its products. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Our products pass through stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best product reaches to our clients. Our valued expertise has enabled us to nurture business relationships for mutual advantage.


Ayursiddha Inc


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