About Us

Recent years have noticed emergence of wholesome diet and health trends among the general public. Today, people pay extreme attention not only to what they consume as a part of their daily diet, but also keep a strict tab on their medical supplies. They ensure they have in place high quality medical formulations that are effective as well as pose low to zero side effects. M/S DENIZEN PHARMACEUTICALS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. forayed into the market in the year 1995 to cater to such growing pharmaceutical needs of the general public.

Bringing a well-balanced combination of technology and teamwork, the company today engages in manufacturing and distributing a line of healthcare products. These formulations are manufactured and packed utilizing advanced techniques at excise free zone Baddi, Himachal Pradesh by it’s sister concern M/S NIKVIN HEALTHCARE (INDIA) PVT. LTD.Both these companies have a proven track record in the industry and are promoted by the same persons having excellent market expertise & work experience in their business domain.


Denizen Pharmaceutical (India)  Pvt. Ltd. is a quality conscious company. Quality checks are done at every stage of the production process. We procure superior quality raw materials for our formulations. The greatest strength of the company is its ability to check the chemistry and physical properties of the raw materials used in the process. Our in-house chemical laboratory, handled by experienced analytical pharmacists and chemists, is equipped with a wide range of instruments like spectrometers, microscopes, etc.

The quality control department undertakes several tests within our premises to ensure that the products are as per the latest international quality norms. The routine checks conducted by our team invalidate every occurrence of quality degradation.


Our state-of-the-art factory is located in the Foot Hill of H.P., having a dust free environment, and is well equipped with latest indigenous and imported machinery for manufacturing the medicines on a large scale basis. We offer a wide variety of packaging in aluminum strip, glassine poly and blister pack, done with the help of latest packaging machines. We have a dedicated staff of 30 pharmacist, chemists and business leaders to take care of every process, without any discrepancy. Our warehouse helps us to store bulk amount of pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical capsules and allied products to meet any specific demand.

Environment Conservation

Denizen Pharmaceutical (India)  Pvt. Ltd. runs on a value system of “Let Our Children Inherit the World”. The company strictly obeys all the guidelines with regard to environment conservation as laid down by the government authorities. We also closely work with many NGOs working on environment maintenance.

  • Acenik-P
  • Acenik-SP
  • AP-600
  • AP-600 (L)
  • Aziden-500
  • Cefpopod-200
  • Cipden-250
  • Cipden-500
  • Comfort-AC
  • Comfort-AC Forte
  • Dencal-D-500
  • Denflox-200
  • Deniflam (L)
  • Den-Spas
  • Difenac Forte
  • Difenac-MC
  • Difenac Plus
  • Difenac Plus (L)
  • Difenac-SP
  • Enclav-625
  • Erectra-100
  • Montizen-LC
  • Nimubid
  • Nixim-100-DT
  • Nixim-200LB
  • Nixim-O
  • Ofnik-OZ
  • Paan-40
  • Paan-D
  • Paravin-500
  • Paravin-500 (L)
  • P-NIM
  • Raniloc
  • Stayfit-MR
  • Zenitidine
  • Zennifer-XT
  • Zenotac-D
  • Zentum-250
  • Zentum-500
  • Zocet


  • Denamycin-250 (L)
  • Denzol-20
  • Denzol-D
  • Dizylac (Food)
  • Jox-100
  • Gem-D3 (Soft Gel)
  • Itroden-100
  • Lycopure-Red (Soft gel) (Food)
  • Menox-250
  • Menox-500
  • Musli Boom Capsules
  • Oxykick-GM (Soft Gel) (Food)
  • Pantozen-DSR
  • Rabozen-DSR
  • Vitbee (Food)
  • Vitoximin (Food)
                                              SYRUPS & DRY SYRUPS
  • Acenik-P Suspension
  • Blood Saaf Syrup
  • Bruzen Syrup
  • Comfort-AC syrup
  • Cough Calm Syrup
  • Cypden Syrup
  • Denkof Cough Syrup
  • Enclav Dry Syrup
  • Hem-Kamini Syrup With Tablets
  • Livclear-DS
  • Livclear Zyme
  • Lycopure-Red Syrup (Food)
  • Menox Dry Syrup
  • Nixim Dry Syrup
  • Ofnik-MS Suspension
  • Stone Quit Syrup
  • Vitoximin Syrup (Food)
  • Zymepure Syrup (Food)
                                           OINTMENTS GEL & CREAM
  • Cipden-FC Cream
  • Face Lite Cream (New Packing)
  • Voli Joli Gel
  • Denicef-1
  • Denicef-SB 1.5
  • Paan-40 Injection
  • Ache Cure Oil



Denizen Pharmaceuticals (India) Private Limited
WZ-8, First Floor, Manohar Park, Opp. Bank of Baroda & Metro Pillar No.41, Main Rohtak Road, New Delhi – 110026, India

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