About Us

Dharmani’s International is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines in gurgaon. Our range of herbal medicines and other herbal products in gurgaon is manufactured completely in-house and is formulated as per the ancient system of ayurveda. Established in the year 2005, we have been successful in making a reputation among herbal medicine and herbal product manufacturers in gurgaon and delhi. Our range of herbal products and medicines, which we manufacture in gurgaon, includes liver tonic, digestive tonic, body building medicine, cardio protective medicines, pain reliving capsules and oils, cough and cold capsules, kidney stone herbal medicines, herbal sexual tonic and breast enhancement capsules. We also manufacture herbal products like herbal beauty products, herbal spices, natural herbs, herbs powder, slimming medicines and diabetes medicine in gurgaon. Our herbal medicines range in gurgaon is marketed and exported under the brand names livoxil, rumoxil, shilajit es, stresx, nf cure, big b-36, revival, kuf n kold, fit o fat, mega slim, kid clear and diabkil. We have setup a fully dedicated manufacturing facility which is equipped with relevant machines and equipment for grinding, extracting, mixing, crushing, measuring and bottling purposes. Our herbal medicines are highly effective, have zero side effects and can be purchased at reasonable costs.