About Us

J.K.HEALTH CARE is a fast growing organization with an ultra modern, fully integrated, dedicated herbal Manufacturing Facility located in the lush green, pollution free surroundings. Develop markets worldwide with an in-depth and long-term approach, maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards. J.K.HEALTH CARE is a strong Marketing Company as Herbal Products as well as Trading in capsules,syrup,churan,oil,cream Ayurvedic medicine & giving some strong Products to market and to Indian people which they accept and Making our brand popular in India Level and make it Brand leader. We also provide, shakti plus, shan shakti, nari plus, dantcare, kabzdoor, swagat chai, orthonill, femcare, arshonil, slimtone, shanzyme, chesto-k, hepacureand many more product. These products are free from any side effect and very useful in curing various ailments. We use quality loh bhasam, kesar, ashwaganda and other natural herbs to process our products.

J.K.HEALTH CARE is known for quality, products & committed service. J.k.health care marketing herbal products, Tablets, Capsules, Churn, Liquid Syrups, herbal, & Cosmetic Creams. At present, we are using facilities which blend modern production technology and advanced quality.