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Dr. Madhukar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is the highly reputed company of the industry, which came into existence in 1967 with the intention of Launching Nutraceutical Brands And Manufacturing tie-ups, as we have the background of OUR PARENT COMPANY, Madhukar Corporation, completing 50 years in pharmaceuticals. Ever since the establishment, our company is manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Nutricheer Calcium, Nutricheer Detox, Nutricheer Antioxidants, Nutricheer Amino Acids, Nutricheer Anti Obesity and Nutricheer Energy. This vast experience has initiated us to get products manufactured as per the Demand supply Gap for various newer products including newer FSSAI Segment & their supplements. Besides, exporting percentageof our company is 42 to 44% and exporting countries are Western Europe, Vietnam, Latin America, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia.

During Beijing Olympics 2008 in China, there was a scarcity of Pharmaceutical Raw materials / Chemicals created across the markets with a shortage in India of many specialized products, which made Madhukar Companies shift to Pharmaceuticals & branding. Working with all these world class companies, we have experience in offering products with high-quality standards as per EU-GMP/ WHO-GMP. Our company aim to deliver best products for years to come & for the next generations as a mission & vision of Dr Madhukar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. Madhukar Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd

C-158, Amar Gyan Industrial Estate, Khopat,
Mumbai-400601, Maharashtra, India

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