About Us

We have introducing ourselves as a leading fortnightly news magazine of pharma world and health care, published from Rohtak (Haryana) printed at Noida (U.P.). We are having circulation of more than 40,000 copies per issue and have a base in mostly all over India. In Northern and South India, our customers are every wholesalers, chemists shop, manufacturing units, doctors, raw material and Pharma machinery suppliers.

Medicare news started in 2002 from Rohtak, Haryana with its colored publication even when other pharmaceutical news publications were printed in black and white. Our Subscription started spreading across Punjab and Haryana. In 2002, we started with 6500 copies and with growing credibility of Medicare News, we expended in many other regions as well.

By 2004, Medicare News was established in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. With strong will power of Editorial board it was decided to launch Medicare News in National Size and thus from 15th march 2005, it began to be published from Noida rather than Rohtak in National size and then it became India’s first national Size Pharma Line Newspaper.

So, after 12 successful years Medicare News decided to launch its websites www.medicarenews.in which is available in front of you. Now everybody will have easy click to Newspaper and advertisements available with just a click and find information relation to Pharma world at one place.

Know Your Popular Fortnightly …

  • North and South we cover all in details.
  • East or West we have provided best.
  • Entering the details of FDA activities.
  • Diversity in unity is under our coverage.
  • Investigative nature shows our maturity.
  • Chemists and druggists all over cover.
  • And also the new distributers we discover.
  • Manufactures all products details we cover.
  • Every type of entrepreneurship we encourages.
  • Regional wise we select medical news and view.