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Anant Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2005 with the unique goal of collaborating with the pharma industry in niche services. Anant, which means Infinite, is a Sanskrit word, and translates to infinite service possibilities for our clients.

In the ever-growing domain of custom synthesis and analytical service companies, we believe in providing unique and personalised services to our clients. Established to deliver novel solutions for research and development teams, we have became a trusted and favoured destination for a variety of products like impurity reference standards and allied products. We delivered a very challenging consignment of impurities for a complex macrolide antibiotic in 2010 and have established a benchmark of customised and timely service, without compromising on the quality of products.


Anant Pharmaceuticals

W57/A Near Police Station, Anand Nagar, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421506

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