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Care Formulation Labs Pvt. Ltd. is providing its services since 2010 fully entered with the aim of distribution and selling of Drugs/Medical products in various medical field like: anti-bacterial, analgesics/antipyretics, anti-malarial, anti-psychotics, anti asthmatic/bronchodilators, diuretics, tranquilizer/hypnotics, anti inflammatory, analgesic/antipyretics, anti inflammatory steroids, herbal, eye/ear drops & many more. Now M/s. Care Formulation Labs Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in selling and distributing the pharmaceutical products in over 25 States of the Country (India) & have entered international boundries as well. An integrated healthcare solutions provider with pharmaceutical product basket, it caters in above 350 products/medicines. The company focuses on providing high quality, appropriately priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated customer service. M/s. Care Formulation Labs Pvt. Ltd. during last four years has successfully served a niche amongst the giants of pharmaceutical industry purely based on quality, professionalism and marketing ethics.

Directors at M/s Care Formulation Labs Pvt. Ltd. have entered into pharmaceutical industry in 1989 with the noble aim of Humanity in mind. A firm well known in pharma field with the name and style M/s. Jindal & co. was established in 1952 in Delhi (India) and has started a consortium of Pharma firms for serving the people at large. At this, they have an large experience of distributorship of several MNCs in Delhi & many other states of India.


Care Formulation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

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