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About Us

Passion is the fuel that drives us!

Our motto is to augment the Alpha Male through technology driven innovation.

Technology Inbuilt: Feel it on application of the products
Passion and determination are contagious. People who are passionate tend to be tireless and ‘bursting’ with energy, as are we. We believe in what we do. It is this strong internal conviction which gives us the courage to push back existing boundaries and create innovative products for the unmet needs of the Men’s grooming world.

Passion is the ability par excellence that motivates and inspires us to strive continuously for innovative ideas for differentiated products delivering both Cosmetic and Therapeutic benefits.

Extreme efforts have been put in not only to evolve therapeutic and high performance grooming products but also create products that fulfill those desires that are buried deep in your sub-conscience.

Carefully controlled and monitored manufacturing processes ensure that nothing but the best reaches you.

We follow all the SOP’S and cGmp /WHO standards while carrying out the manufacturing of these high performance formulations. Each packaged product undergoes strict quality assurance before being dispatched to you.

Cosmetics are no longer exclusive to WOMEN. They are an essential element in MEN’S GROOMING.

With limited time available, men seek products that promote ease of use. Multi-functional or multi-benefit products are the strong need of today’s ‘Man on the go’.Keeping a keen eye on this dimension we have developed products that deliver multiple benefits with ease.

Ethos we stand by:
Fulfilling unmet needs
Consistent Quality
Luxurious, yet Value for Money
Promen is an innovative men’s skin care & cosmetics brand that offers the luxurious experience of enhanced appearance and confidence. It is an exceptional, premium quality skin care and cosmetic product line, specifically formulated for the man who wants to be well groomed and appreciates luxury. For the man who is a leader in everything he does, and understands that his grooming and appearance are integral to his professional and personal success. Promen products have been meticulously designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s lifestyle. They can be thrown into the gym bag, taken on a business trip or used at home.

Why do Men need skin care?
Women say that men take better care of their footwear than of their skin! But,today’s man has changed. We have all known that we must clean, protect, and polish leather to ensure that it retains its appearance and longevity. Now we realise that our bodies need care too: for appearance and longevity.

General skin care focuses upon the outer layer of our skin, which is the Epidermis. Starting off soft and round, a skin cell transforms itself into a thin hardened disc as it migrates to the surface where it forms the stratum corneum, or the outer layer. After approximately two weeks, these skin cells are sloughed and replaced by new ones.

Our skin contains sweat and sebaceous glands. Sweat glands produce perspiration, which is carried to the surface through pores to cool ourselves, and sebaceous glands produce sebum, a waxy lubricant that is carried to the surface through pores to moisturize and protect. For people with oily skin, perspiration, environmental contaminates, sloughing skin cells, and an abundance of sebum form a cocktail to clog pores and cause blemishes. People with dry skin produce lower levels of sebum leaving the skin unprotected, dehydrated, and rough.

The concept of general skin care is to maintain a proper balance by cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting. Promen has formulated the distinct ‘manline’ of skin care products for men to do just that.

High on Performance and Quality
Dermatologically tested
Especially designed for the Male Skin
Premium,Exclusive and Unique
Technology driven products with both, Therapeutic and Cosmetic benefits